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How to apply for 350 relief grant

How to apply for 350 relief grant

The special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant.

The President declared a National State of Disaster as a result of the Covid-19 global pandemic. In this regard he introduced a special Covid 19 Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD) of R350 per month for 6 months to be paid to individuals who are currently unemployed, do not receive any form of income, social grant or UIF payment etc.

About applying for social relief of distress
Social relief of distress is temporary provision of assistance intended for persons in such a dire material need that they are unable to meet their families’ most basic needs.

How much does it cost

The service is free.

How long does it take

  • Your application will be processed immediately.
  • Once your application is submitted, it will be assessed for credibility and your genuine need for the service.

 You can use any of the following channels:

You only have to apply once on one channel and not many times on every channel.
SASSA will only process one application received from each applicant.

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