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ZAF – Forklift Driver – Solutions

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  • ZAF – Forklift Driver – Solutions

If you are a current DSV employee and interested in a position in another country, please contact your manager and Human Resources representative to discuss the process and requirements of applying.


Job Req Number:  38252 
Time Type: Full Time

Location – Silverton Pretoria

Contract Type: Permanent

Minimum Requirement – Matric/ Equivalent

Tertiary Requirement – Not required

Computer literacy level: 3-5-year experience in using WMS

Advantage: 2-year experience and highly effective working, knowledge of DSV Cargo WRITE Warehouse Management System.

Ability to use an RDT scanner

Advance use of mobile / tablet / smartphone


  • Ability to count and do basic subtraction, addition, multiplication and division
  • Ability to read, write and communicate in English fluently and interpret/follow instructions
  • MHE Operator License
  • Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience in MHE Driver or Machine Operator.


Good Team player

Cargo WRITE WMS Key User Training

DSV Job Clocking

DSV SIGMA, OTP & SPQRCE Experience and Success

Keen to learn & grow

Don’t want just another job

Follow orders / tasks

Be inquisitive, generally interested & participative in Warehousing & DSV initiatives / projects / improvements

Positive attitude

Customer orientated

Able to lift and move objects up to 8 Kg



The primary job function will require the use of a MHE to assist in the movement and operational functions such as put-aways, picking and loading of stock around the warehouse and assisting departments where necessary with the specific skill of a MHE operator. These Assistants are accountable for the safe and efficient operation of all equipment and will be expected to perform all duties as assigned.

As part of a multiskilling team, it may be required for MHE Operators to perform the role of a Material Handler. The General Warehouse Material Handler is responsible for all activities related to Inbound, Outbound, Cycle Counting and performing Value Added Services/Activities as well as housekeeping. This role is also responsible for counting and quality inspections of products, notifying leadership when there are non-conformances, e.g. incidents, damages, discrepancies, etc. In addition, Material Handlers are accountable for the safe and efficient operation of all equipment and will be expected to perform all duties as assigned.

As part of the DSV team, MHE Operators are expected to meet company objectives in the areas of performance, safety, and quality. MHE Operators are always expected to comply with all corporate and site-specific policies and maintain company values.


The Operational Movement of stock

  • The stock movement function includes but is not limited to, offloading of stock from vehicles put-away’s, loading of stock onto vehicles, and stock relocation. Daily stock checks and stock take as required by the company.

Picking Responsibilities

  • The picking functions include, but are not limited to, using a MHE to accurately pick orders to fulfill client demands. Assistants must efficiently and accurately pick products and stage in the appropriate areas. All picking functions will be processed as defined by the Standard Operating Procedures.

Quality Control Responsibilities

  • The quality control functions include, but are not limited to, using the appropriate documentation to ensure that all products and orders are received, handled and shipped correctly. Assistants will verify that products and/or orders meet quality standards, including reporting any damages or discrepancies. All quality control functions will be processed as defined by the Standard Operating Procedures.

Safety, Housekeeping, and Compliance

  • Assistants will comply with all Standard Operating Procedures, corporate and site-specific policies, safety rules, and OSHA/SDS Standards.
  • Assistants are responsible for the cleanliness and orderliness of the facility and are required to maintain a clean, neat, orderly work area and assist in security of the warehouse.  
  • All Assistants are responsible for executing all safety protocols and will accomplish all job tasks in a manner that promotes safety.

Equipment Operation

  • Assistants will operate all equipment in a safe and efficient manner and follow prescribed work methods.
  • Assistants are responsible for the upkeep of equipment and reporting of equipment problems.
  • In performing assigned duties, the equipment used can include, but is not limited to, a MHE.

DSV – Global Transport and Logistics

DSV leverer nogle af de allerbedste resultater inden for transport- og logistikbranchen. I driften såvel som alle øvrige funktioner arbejder 75.000 medarbejdere i mere end 90 lande dedikeret på at yde den bedst mulige service og skabe store kundeoplevelser. Hvis du har drive og talent og er klar til at tage ansvar, så giver vi dig muligheden for at udvikle dit potentiale og sætte fart på din karriere.

Læs mere på www.dk.dsv.com og www.dsv.com.

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