The difference between the rich and the poor

Key takeaway, Wealth is a relative term, and there is no single, definitive number that qualifies one as wealthy or poor. Thebiggest differences between wealthy and poor can be attributed...
June 6, 2022

Key takeaway, Wealth is a relative term, and there is no single, definitive number that qualifies one as wealthy or poor. The
biggest differences between wealthy and poor can be attributed to their thinking, attitudes, and behaviors. The differences
between a rich and poor mind-set change the way you see the world, as well as the way you engage with money. I found a big
difference between the rich and poor mindsets is that the richest people I know are also the best at being kind.

The rich and the poor differ not just by the amount of money they have in their pockets, but by the way they think. There are
a lot of differences between very rich people and poor people, but going from one to another, either way, is easier than most
people realize. It is no secret that the wealthy tend to remain wealthy, while the poor seldom make it out of money-grubbing.
When you think about it, rich people and poor people may live in the same town, get to the same workplace, and they may both
have only 24 hours in a day, and yet one stays inside of a paycheck-to-paycheck situation.

Most times, the wealthy work because they enjoy what they do, not because they need money. They know that when you have your
own business, and can provide a good or service that has consistent demand, you are probably going to be fine, and never need
to ask for income. The wealthy realize it is hard to grow their wealth if you are spending your days working to pad the bank
accounts of others. They own modestly priced secondhand cars, and drive them until they are on first-name terms with the

Because poor people have no intellectual curiosity to study, they prefer to believe that rich people are born wealthy, are
evil, or are exploiting the poor. The poor, in their best moments, will use whatever money they make buying things from the
wealthy, regardless of whether or not they want them. Of course, the obvious answer is that rich people have more money than
poor people, but I am talking about reasons beyond dollars and cents. Rich, successful people are bigger than their problems,
and poor, failed people are smaller than their problems.

The purpose of the really rich Really wealthy people are about having lots of wealth, and for a lot of them, that is about
helping lots of people. Rich people work hard and they feel that being rewarded handsomely for the value that wealthy people
deliver is fitting. Self-made wealthy understand that healthier people have less sick days, have more energy, and that this
results in higher work productivity.

That is, when you can cover the cost of living just by passive income or investments, you can count yourself as wealthy. By
another major wealth metric, one can be wealthy without having high income or a large net worth, if one is satisfied with his
standard of living.

Well, in order to explain using our wealthy friend, John, and our poor friend, Tim, I am going to break both down, so you can
adopt these habits of the wealthy man, and achieve financial prosperity in your own life. You should know that
both our rich friend John and our poor friend Tim are of similar intellectual ability, came from middle-class families, and
lived in the same town.

Let us explore the twelve surprising differences between the way that wealthy people think and the way that poor or middle-
class people think. In this context, those shared beliefs–about spending habits and attitudes toward money–help to divide
rich and poor. For many, they also incorporate insights into why being wealthy may not be all that awesome.

We will discus more on our part 2 of the article.

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